About Delta Force Paintball Adelaide

Giving back.

Paintball Fundraising

Underneath our paintball goggles and camouflage bodysuit we really are a bunch of softies who like giving back to the communities we operate in.

Every year we conduct various fundraising initiatives aimed at helping charities raise much-needed funds. In recent years we have supported many worthy causes, including the building of a school in Malawi (named after us ‘The Delta Palms School’) and have raised funds for the RSPCA and the Normandy Veterans Association.

If you are a South Australia charity looking for a fun and exciting way to raise funds then please contact us.

We can donate action-packed paintball tickets to your charity and you can use them however you feel will be most beneficial. In the past charities have used the tickets for fundraising or raffles, or gave them away as prizes to people who donate money to your cause.

These tickets normally retail for $79.95, but we are giving them away for free to South Australia-based charitable institutions.

Please contact us with a written request for tickets. Upon receipt, we will review your request and send out the tickets. It really is as simple as that!

All the best with your next fundraising initiative!