What does it mean to you to be an Aussie? Are you as proud as we are of our short but colourful heritage? And what’s more Australian than kickin back with your mates, throwing a few down the hatch and cheering on your favourite team? How about this Australia Day long weekend you be a part of your own team and kick some butt? How awesome would it be to go all rebel with your mates in mock combat and launch a green and gold barrage at those that dare oppose you?! Read on only if you are looking for a rush no matter how old you are!



The weekend of the 26th January heralds the annual ritual of being Australian, and all things Aussie. From the red dust of the outback to the Blue Mountains, this is a land of amazing colour mixtures and mixed cultures. Delta Force Paintball Australia is proud to be Australian and operated by Australians and this year we are showing our patriotism at our paintball centres with some cool ‘Aussie’ coloured paintballs to help you celebrate our great nation, all it’s achievements, and simply what it means to be an Australian. The green and gold paintballs have been specially made for us and the first shipment has arrived just in time for the Australia Day weekend celebrations.


So, instead of spending the day watching tennis or cricket, or throwing perfectly good prawns at fish who don’t want to be caught, let the stubby cooler wait until dinner time and round up the troops for an Australia Day weekend of adrenaline-fuelled action playing paintball on the best fields in the country with Delta Force Paintball!


Posted in News on 17th January 2014

Last updated 9th February 2021