LOT 264 Ferries McDonald Rd Monarto South, SA 5254 AU
Paintball Adelaide

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Playing paintball in Adelaide.

Paintballing in Adelaide has never been more exciting! Located around 40 mins from the Adelaide CBD, Delta Force Paintball in Monarto is easily accessible and has the best game zones and equipment the industry has to offer.

Bring your family and friends down to our centre for a day to remember. All players are equipped with the latest safety equipment, including a full-length body suit with protective neck padding, ammunition pack, torso protection, a full head helmet and the most important piece of equipment for the session… a semi-automatic paintball machine gun!


Arriving at the paintball centre, you’ll complete your registration forms and then head into the base camp. This will be your headquarters for the session and you’ll soon be transformed from a civilian into a soldier. You can also keep up-to-date with your team’s progress on the huge Delta Force scoreboard.

The base camp is also where you can relax from the heat of battle, talk tactics for your next mission and enjoy lunch with your mates. Or if you’re not in battle, you can wait in comfort and safety for the troops to come back from combat.

Whatever the occasion, you can be rest assured that your action-packed Adelaide paintball adventure will be full of adventurous thrills and spills. You’ll play on our incredible movie-themed game zones, including Tomb Raider, London after the Apocalypse and Resident Evil; all of which will test the skills and abilities of all players.

Our friendly and experienced staff will also be on hand to referee the games and give those essential tips to help you be victorious on the session. Our staff love what they do. They are all paintball enthusiasts and will generate excitement in the games. They can turn a placid crowd into raging warriors. You’ll have the time of your life!

The best part about paintball is that you don’t need any previous experience. People of all fitness and skill levels can play as equals.

So for a thrilling experience at Adelaide’s best action paintball centre, round up your friends and get ready for what will be the highlight of the year!