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Paintball Adelaide

Bucks Parties


It’s hunting season!

Imagine getting together with your best mates and shooting at anything that moves, taking cover behind the giant stone sphinxes in Tomb Raider and storming the double decker bus in London After The Apocalypse to save the innocents. If that sounds like fun then round up the troops and get ready for an action-packed paintball adventure!

Over the years Delta Force has had a multitude of buck’s groups play with us as a pre-cursor to a night of celebration. Our highly trained, friendly marshals will tailor a session of paintball action to suit your unique needs, ensuring it’s the perfect start to a great party ahead!


Paintball is an awesome adrenaline-pumped buck’s party activity, and is the best start you can have before your night out on the town. With our paintball centre being only around 40 mins from the Adelaide CBD, you’ll be back in town partying the night away in no time at all.

We are all big kids deep down, and what better way to renew the bonds of ‘mateship’ than by charging around together and shooting strangers on sight. The stories you’ll have to tell in the years to come will have you crying with laughter.

Special games can be arranged for buck’s parties – games that make the key people in your group the focus of the proceedings. If we have a President to assassinate – you know who that’s going to be, and who his appointed bodyguards will be too! Can you trust your mates, or will they light you up like a Christmas tree?

The brightest and most ridiculous costumes and props are also a must. Make sure the buck remembers his day, with a fluorescent pink tutu being the most preferred choice of clothing. Whilst playing paintball in a Mankini is really not to be recommended – you make the rules, and if that’s what rings your bell, well hey, let’s do it!

So contact Delta Force today on 1300 795 661 and send your buck out with a bang!